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Church Membership

Church Membership

Considering Church Membership?


We would ask you to think through, prayerfully and thoughtfully, all the implications of Membership and then complete this form and return it to the Church Secretary. Please see the note below about Membership Classes.

What does Church Membership involve?

Membership involves commitment in a number of ways, including regular attendance, active service in the ministry of the Church, and, as God enables, financial support.

Who do i contact about church Membership?

Membership Classes

As part of your application, we would like you to attend a Membership Class, where you will be able to understand and consider the privileges and responsibilities of Church Membership with particular reference to Findlay Church, and also ask questions about the Church, its Doctrine and Constitution. The Membership Classes are arranged as necessary. Please speak to the Pastor about the next class.


Get in touch via the contact page, if you're interested in finding out more about Church Membership.

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