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What we believe

God’s way of showing us who he is and what he has done throughout history is through the Bible. Although the Bible was written down by many human authors we believe that God directed the whole process so that every word is from him and is fully reliable. The Bible is our final authority and we rely on it for everything we do as a church.

God himself is in total control of all things and his nature is a perfect balance of holiness, justice, wisdom and love. He is one God who exists eternally as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How that works out exactly stretches the human mind beyond its limits (as we might expect) but we can state that each person is fully God and co-equal.

The whole human race was created by God. We were created in the image of God, put in close fellowship with God and given dignity and responsibility to govern the earth as God’s representatives. Our first parents, however, rebelled against God and by their actions all of their
descendants also naturally rebel against God. We believe that God is angered by human rebellion and humanity naturally falls under the deserved condemnation of God. We therefore need God to act graciously to forgive individuals and overcome their rebellion.

Jesus’ mission is one of rescue for rebellious humanity. Jesus is fully God but was also born as a human. In this way Jesus unites God and man in himself. Although Jesus takes on full manhood he never loses  his divinity, both natures are united and active throughout his life.

Jesus died as a substitute for mankind. Although he had not deserved death he died so that he could take the punishment that is owing to rebellious humans. Jesus was resurrected from the dead and returned to heaven where he continues to intercede on behalf of his people. Through his sacrifice and resurrection people can be united to Jesus and his punishment can be accepted in place of our punishment. In this way Jesus makes it possible for rebellious humans to be forgiven of their sin and, more than that, to be fully and joyfully united to God in the fellowship with God that we were made to enjoy.

The effects of Jesus’ sacrifice are only available to those who trust in Jesus alone for their salvation. This trust must be accompanied by repentance of sin and following Jesus as Lord. This whole process is only available because of the grace of God given as a gift through Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the godhead. He is the one who convicts people of their sin and need of Jesus. He changes the hearts of rebellious people to make them love Jesus and he unites himself to everyone who repents and helps them to follow Jesus. He guarantees that the work that God starts in a person will be taken to completion.

Those who have become Christians are entered into the universal family of believers known as “the Church.” We meet as a local church but we are a small part of that world-wide body. The Church is empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out the work of God in the world. A local church is a group of believers who meet together for worship, prayer, teaching, community, fellowship and evangelism.
We also carry out baptisms and the Lords’ Supper as symbols of the union that believers have with Christ through his death and resurrection.

In the future Jesus will return and take all who believe in him to be with him forever in glory. At Jesus’ return he will raise the dead and judge the world by his righteous standards. Those still found to be in rebellion against God will be condemned to eternal judgement but those who are united to God through Jesus will be received into eternal glory. In this way God will be forever glorified.

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